Baby Blanket Merino Wool Patchy Blue, Handmade, Sarapiku



Soft and mild baby blanket from natural Merino wool.
Added materials: natural cotton, rayon and natural silk.

Each completed quilt is unique, it depends on the work of existing techniques and fabrics.
Buying is able to count on similar hue.

A comfortable use of the baby’s tiny plaid, during sleep or a bed-cover. The child grows, it is his own “cuddly blanket.”
Natural woolen material is breathable and permeable to air, does not cause sweating.

Blanket size is approximately 80x80cm.

The product is in the box.



Natural wool is dirt-repellent material, and do not get dire carrycot or stroller easily.

Soiling, the blanket is easily maintained: hand wash or machine wash, wool intended to be used only detergent and a washing temperature of up to 40`C.
Pre-soak soiled higher recommended.
It can be used in centrifuges. Do not use the tumble drier, where the dryer is not suitable for the specific program for woollens.
After washing, it is important to mold in humid conditions, similar to all for wool. It is enough to straighten the plane debugged. If desired, the product can be pressed.

Felted deck has a natural “sinuous” edge, it is unique with felted material. It is due to the fluctuation of the edges of a pair of centimeters.