FELT BASE MAT in baby stroller or car seat, 100% wool baby carriage


Currently available in white. Please contact info@sarapikuvilt.ee for further information.

Natural wool is a breathable material and a good temperature insulator, protects against both COLD and excessive WARM.

Wool has a good ability to absorb HUMIDITY. By using a wool backing in a wagon or car seat in the back and neck area, the baby can prevent colds caused by sweating.

Because wool fibers are ANTIBACTERIAL, sheep wool is also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Size is approx. 33 x 67 cm with felt-like curved edges. It is possible to order with other dimensions.

The product is handmade in our Sarapik felt shop.

MAINTENANCE: Hand wash or machine wash with wool wash program. Use only detergent suitable for woolen material. It is advisable to use a laundry bag when washing machine. In case of heavier soiling, pre-soak in lukewarm water. After washing, wet out (flattening flat). If desired, can be extruded.



Natural wool is a dirt repellent material that does not easily get dirty.

Easy to maintain: hand wash or machine wash, use only wool detergent and wash temperature up to 40`C.
Pre-soaking is recommended in case of larger soiling.
Centrifuge may be used. Do not use a clothes dryer.
After washing, it is important to moisturize like all wool products. It is enough to straighten the plane. The product can be extruded if desired.