Wool-silk detergent SILK 750ml, Swipe


SILK – Gentle for wool & silk
750 ml of detergent concentrate is sufficient for 75 washes.
Silk is a highly concentrated, neutral substance for washing delicates both by hand
and machine.
Silk foams moderately. Thanks to its very good softening properties, it can be used to
wash the most delicate fibers, such as wool and silk, in the machine, provided that
water washing is permitted. Also effective for colored laundry (if no bleaching is
required). Silk does not contain bleach. Biodegradable.
Stain removal before washing with normal Swipe solution.
pH u. 9
Silk increases the lifespan of your clothing, makes laundry soft and smells fresh.
Ingredients: 5-15% non-ionic surfactants and soap, less than 5% phenoxyethanol
(preservative) and fragrances.
The concentrate is dosed into a wash ball 10 ml / 3-4 kg of laundry. For manual
washing 10ml per 10 liters of water. No rinse aid required.
The product is made in Denmark.

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